Poupouri ENB - Reloaded .254 Update BETA RELEASE!!

Fully updated to the .254 Binaries with some added tweaks and a complete weatherlist!

DL here:

First Seed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0csqbo033uhabtc/First%20Seed%20ENB%20-%20Reloaded%20.254%20Update.rar

Morning Star: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5k247lk7hj1u4vd/Morning%20Star%20ENB%20-%20Reloaded%20.254%20Update.rar



She lived.
Fate has such a funny way to manifest itself, she thought, while removing the bandages from her latest fight against a giant.

Rumors of an aggressive bear attacking the travelers, at north, arrived at her ear.
The merchants started to be scared of traveling alones, but not many could afford to pay a couple of guards to keep them safe. That was something only riches could do.
Even with her body not completely healed, she took her axe and decided to do something for the sake of her people.

After traveling north, she found the gigantic beast in a forest near the road.
Scared and sure the bear would have the best of her, she just lifted her shield and charged like her old days as a Shield-Maiden.
Her instinct was sharp as ever, but she hoped her body didn’t forget how to deal with a wild beast, still she couldn’t not notice how slower she was than the last time she fought against a similar beast.

When everything finished and the bear was finally dead, she realized: she became weak.
The strenght she was so proud of wasn’t there anymore.
Her feet weren’t fast anymore.
But still, something pushed her to never stop and walk forward, against the limits of her body and the weight of the years on her shoulders.
She wasn’t ready to give up her life, not yet.

The Struggle, p.2